The Journey of a Lifetime

Cusco . Ausangate . Salqantay . Cocalmayo
Madre de Dios . Tambopatá . Sipapu

The Apus – the great spirits of the Andes – call once again to all travellers of the path with heart. They call at a time of great change in the world, seeking to transmit their ancient wisdom and restore balance.

Apu Ausangate, in the east, holds the law of  reciprocity that holds all beings in sacred harmony. Apu Salqantay, in the west, carries the undying life force of Nature, of the Earth, of Pachamama.

Supported by our superb team of medicine men and women, you will take part in traditional Andean & Amazonian ceremonies and work with the great plant teachers of Peru.

Transported by the magic of this spectacular country, you will ascend physically, emotionally and spiritually to meet the Apus. For you too have a part to play in sustaining and regenerating the cosmic balance.

Apu Ausangate

Reaching to 6384m above sea level, Ausangate is a breathtaking natural temple. Working in the tradition of the Q'ero, you will have the opportunity to enter and receive guidance in the sacred law of Ayni or reciprocity, that holds all living beings in balance and harmony.  

Apu Salqantay

At 6271m Salqantay, together with partner Umantay, channel the wild or salqa energies of Mother Nature. Here you will purify & energise the body, and rewild the soul

Q'ero Culture

Throughout our journey you will be held in the loving embrace of the Q'ero, the fabled people of the high Andes. Originally a mystical rather than shamanic tradition, their paqos or priests carry a very ancient lineage of honoring Pachamama, the Great Cosmic Mother. 

At the instruction of the Apus, they have come down from their high altitude villages, like the Kogi in Columbia, to remind us of our true nature and role on Planet Earth–that of guardians and caretakers. 

The Eagle & The Condor

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is woven throughout Amazonian, Andean and Mesoamerican cultures including the Q'ero, the Maya and the Aztec.

It speaks of two paths of humanity, two streams of being, that have diverged and converged over the ages. These are the path of the mind, of technology, conquering associated with the North, and the path of the heart, of intuition, feeling and love associated with the South.

Some say these paths go all the way back to the mythic civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

The two paths are said to diverge and converge during the Pachakuti, a time of great transformation. According to legend one Pachakuti began in 1490, when the Spaniards arrived in the New World, and another began in 1990, when the age of globalisation began.

These days it is so much easier to visit the heart-centred cultures of the South, and at least a little easier for those cultures to visit the mind-centred cultures of the North.

The meeting has its light side and its heavier side. There is chaos and order, creativity and destruction.

The Pilgrimage to Peru is AYNI Foundation’s annual meeting of North and South, Eagle & Condor, mind and heart.

The Great Awakening

Just as the twin channels of life force in the human being intersect at energetic centres (chakras), so the mythic paths of mind and heart, Atlantis and Lemuria, intersect at Pachakuti, an age of transformation. 

As with any transformation, the old must die before the new may arise from the ashes. Like the phoenix, like the butterfly the form of the new is hidden until its emergence. 

Yet we are afforded glimpses by the Great Teachers of humanity–the ancient Apus, who stand at the chakras of evolution, and the Master Plants–planted here on the Earth by mysterious galactic intelligences. As Terence McKenna famously said, Plan, Plant, Planet. 

Just as the forces of destruction appear to have the upper hand, so too is the Great Awakening under way. It is not too late to join it. You too have your part to play in giving birth to the New Earth. 



Cusco . Ausangate . Salkantay . Cocalmayo



AYNI Foundation are thrilled to present for the first time a rainforest extension to the Pilgrimage to Peru. We descend from the mountains to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon plains, and journey up river to our sister project Sipapu, a magical retreat center nestled in 160 acres of rainforest. 

Madre de Dios (Mother of God) is an area of the Lower Amazon about the size of the UK. Flowing from their sources high in the Andes, its myriad waterways feed into its two great rivers, the eponymous Madre de Dios, and the Tambopatá.
Sipapu is no ordinary place. Its name comes direct from Hopi and Pueblo legend, referring the navel from which those peoples are said to have emerged into the world, and to where they will one day return. Sipapu certainly is a place of emergence and return.

Surrounded by heliconia, cacao, lupuna and myriad other flora, you will be charmed by the call of Sipapu's diverse birds by day, and the orchestra of the jungle by night. 
Video courtesy of Don Oscar Miro Queada/The Heart of the Healer.



Tue 23 April we take a luxury bus overnight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, then a 4 hour trip by private boat up the Tambopatá river.




Let us know which option you're interested in and we will get back to you within 48 hours from 5 Jan 2019 onwards! 

Prices include
+ Food and soft drinks
+ Entrance fees
+ 3 to 4 Star accommodation
save for camping, mountain and rainforest lodges
+ Accommodation based on 2 people sharing
+ Single room supplement $250
     Let us know if you want your own room
+ Medicine ceremonies and teachings
+ Transport in Peru
+ Airport pickup and drop-off.
Prices do not include
- Alcohol
- International flights or connections
- Tips (a tradition in Peru)
- Personal purchases
- Sleeping bag hire
- Travel insurance.
Paying for the trip
> Balances must be made in US Dollars.
> You are responsible for all and any foreign exchange charges or bank fees
> We must receive the price quoted for your chosen option
> We will invoice you for any shortfall due to FX rates or bank fees at the time of transfer.
> Please note the Early Bird Discount is only available for the Andean and Madre de Dios itineraries purchased together and at the same time.
> While every precaution will be taken to ensure your safety and enjoyment, you are responsible for knowing your own health and fitness limits. 
> All travellers must complete a health check questionnaire. 
> Peru is a developing country. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary in case of weather conditions, landslides, flooding, road closures or any situation that may affect your safety.
> We reserve the right to alter the itinerary in the case of health or other matters arising in the group. 


This is not a tourist trip. It is a shamanic pilgrimage to the backbone of Mother Earth, and to the heart of the rainforest. Pilgrimages require a certain attitude and willingness to go beyond.

It is not a mountaineering or Bear Grylles style trip either. The Andean itinerary – even Cusco, at 3,339m – is at high altitude. Some legs of the journey – particularly Salqantay – are physically demanding. It’s not exactly a walk in the park!

Rest assured, our team is among the best in the world. You will be in truly awesome hands every step of the way, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That said, you will need to do your part in taking care of you too. That includes looking after your diet, health and wellbeing before, during and after the Pilgrimage.

We have run the Pilgrimage to Peru for many years, and Puma and his team have been running trips for even longer. We have traveled with all sorts of people, at all ages and levels of ability. You will be held in the greatest of care, and the best possible comfort at all times.

Sometimes, of course, the Apus and the Plant Teachers will take us to our edges. How else can we grow? This is where your inner knowing comes in. While we provide excellent guidance to all our traveler, it’s ultimately up to you to decide how deep or how high or how far you go.

Preparation is important. All travellers will complete a questionnaire helping us assess your suitability for the trip, and to catch any potential issues before they arise. You will receive detailed guidance about being in the mountains and the jungle, and about preparation for your work with the Apus and Plant Teachers before you go.

Please note: Legally, we cannot take anyone younger than 18. There is no upper age limit.

From a health point of view it's important to realise that Cusco is at high altitude. We recommend arriving a few days before the Pilgrimage starts in order to acclimatise.

Sipapu, our rainforest centre, is only 4 hours from Puerto Maldonado, which is nothing in Amazonian terms, but it is still 4 hours. You should follow your doctor’s advice with regards vaccinations for dengue, yellow fever, malaria etc. None of the places we will visit are known to be hotspots for any of those. Again, you should consider carefully any medical advice you are given.

Finally, the Pilgrimage to Peru is a unique offering. It is a holiday in the original sense - a holy day - and you have the opportunity of a genuinely life-changing experience. Bring the best of yourself, and you will return with even more. Fortune favours the bold, they say, and no being in the cosmos is more generous than Pachamama, our dear Mother Earth.

If you feel called, our recommendation in these times of great change and transformation, is not to hesitate.

All of the team at Ayni Foundation are looking forward to travelling with you. Together we can make a real difference, inside, outside, and perhaps thereby to the whole cosmos. That’s the sacred law of Ayni:

Nothing ever goes one way.